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Smallholder services

At Black Sheep Farm Health we’re committed to the health and welfare of all the animals under our care. While the biology of a sheep or a cow is the same regardless of farm size, we recognise that smallholders often have different aims and expectations to many farmers. Likewise, many enthusiastic smallholders find themselves wanting to do the best by their livestock, but are unsure of where to go to for guidance.

To this end, we have put together the Smallholder Scheme to provide a tailored service and build a smallholder community. For a small monthly or annual fee, you can have access to practical and proactive healthcare for your livestock. For more details on the smallholder scheme, click here. Alternatively just get in touch with Kaz on 07557 092760 or

In this way we aim to not only improve the health and productivity of livestock on smallholdings, but also the knowledge and satisfaction of their keepers.