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Black Sheep Farm Health stars in BBC’s ‘This Farming Life’!

We are a locally owned, independent dedicated farm practice serving farms in Northumberland and beyond.  At our heart is proactive, preventative farm animal practice that will improve farm profit, production, efficiency and animal welfare.

Our aim is to provide a holistic, all encompassing approach to farm veterinary services to support the local agricultural industry. Everyone who works here, lives and breathes within this local farming community and has farming interests at heart.

We plan to be at the forefront of farm medicine and as part of that drive we are currently involved in both research projects and farmer training working with The University of Edinburgh and AHDB.

We are proud to be an independent member of XLVets. We aim to work with and are committed to the future of the UK livestock industry. As a group, XLVets share best practice and experience, knowledge and skills to define the highest standards of veterinary practice. XLVets is the biggest collaborative veterinary group in the UK, yet all its members are truly independent. Being part of XLVets as an independent practice enables us to take advantage of working with the much larger community.  This allows us access to a wide pool of knowledge and skills and the ability to be very competitive with our farm medicines.

“Approachability, super helpful and friendly.”

“Friendly and supportive staff”

“Friendly… Helpful. Free hats and buckets.”

“We are able to contact a vet at anytime… all are pleasant and easy to talk to.”

“We get a familiar face every time… they always follow up after a visit.”

“Willing(ness) to help and take any problem, however small, seriously.”

“Explaining in plain English what the problem is and the probable outcome. No bull sh1t.”

“Local, available, on it!”

“Personal professional service.”

“They are proactive and take ownership and care for the issues or problems they face on behalf of their clients. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

“The vets know what is going on on the farm and so can provide a targeted service and in a friendly way. I am now more likely to call the vet than before and therefore better outcomes.”

“As new farmers, we have peace of mind knowing Black Sheep Farm Health are there to help is very reassuring and is a major contributor to our farm’s stock health.”

“Professional combined with friendly relaxed manner with a brilliant enthusiasm.”

“Fantastic overall service with brilliant customer service and level of expertise.”

“Local and close for a quick response… great friendly service.”

“Always there to help… have always been there for us.”