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We take an integrated approach to livestock health and production. As well as the traditional on-farm services for our local clients, we often provide advisory services to clients further afield. These clients may be farmers or organisations needing a degree of veterinary input.

These visits are typically tailored to the client, and may be one-offs, routine or ad-hoc.

Between the BSFH team, recent examples of our consultancy workload include:

  • Advising a beef and sheep enterprise in northern Poland on health, husbandry, and nutrition (see photos).
  • Sitting on the TB Advisory Service (TBAS) technical group as their small ruminant specialist.
  • Providing expertise on tick control as part of a wider consultation on bracken for the Foundation for Common Land.

Our beef and sheep caseload, as well as the fact that all our team are practising vets, gives us unique insight and expertise. We are always open to advising farmers and the wider agricultural community, collaborating with local vets, and participating in research. To get in touch, either telephone 01669 838 288, or email