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August 2020 Newsletter

This month the newsletter covers: Avoiding over-fat autumn calversNew additions to the officeToxovax orderingCool bags and fridgesHead injuries in tups August 2020

New Teaser Tup Factsheet

Soon enough it will be time to start preparing ewes to go to the tup. Many farmers use 'teasers', or vasectomised tups, to synchronise oestrus behaviour in ewes. This leads to a tighter lambing, which in turn leads to a more uniform lamb crop and better work-life...

June 2020 Newsletter

Spring is rapidly turning into summer and the rain is here on cue! Click on the link below for June's newsletter, covering: B Vitamins in sheepAluminium Wound SprayDrought Resilience on Livestock Farms June 2020

May 2020 Newsletter

Click on the link below for the May Newsletter. Topics covered include: Breeding Soundness Examination of Bulls (Is it necessary)Pre-turnout jobsSeeking participants for a sheep and beef research projectJenny's Advanced Practitioner Status May 2020

March 2020 Newsletter

Find March's newsletter here: Jobs to get done before lambing and calvingAnti-inflammatory drugs at lambing and calvingData collection at lambingSpring orders

February 2020 Newsletter

February's entry can be found here: Congratulations JennyLambing Courses 2020Protein in Ewes: updateParasite alert: Fluke and wormsWeaning Weight competition update.

December 2019 Newsletter

Click the link below for the December newsletter, covering: Farmer Meeing on 11th DecChristmas Opening hoursVetTech servicesHousing treatmentsHelping first-calved heifersEnd of year housekeeping December 2019 Newsletter